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Letter to the Editor: Response to recent article on M.A.I.D.

A letter to the editor from Helen Long

Response to previous response to Letter to the Editor by Garry R. Thompson published – April 10, 2024 edition -

What Angelina Ireland failed to recognize in sharing Dr. Zivot’s point of view regarding the drugs used in MAID provisions is that his allegations were refuted by Dr. Tim Holland, a Canadian physician and MAID provider in his testimony to the Senate's Standing Committee Legal and Constitutional Affairs in February 2021, as well as in the media. Dr. Holland told the Committee “Of the medications that Dr. Zivot describes, the main one (phenobarbital) is not used in our regimen at all. The second one, midazolam, is not being used in high doses and not being used to end lives. It is being used as a relaxation medication in a much smaller dose for a completely different intention. The ones we use to end life (propofol and rocuronium), neither of those medications have highlighted any research on causing drowning of lungs. These are things that we have used extensively in other aspects, and people go under and wake up.” Propofol is used to anesthetize patients for surgeries, resetting broken bones or intubation. Holland explained, “In fact, we know precisely how it feels for the patients because, when they regain consciousness, they have no memory of (the procedure they just underwent) and have had no sensation. It’s trying to liken two things that are not the same at all. The medications we’re using are extensively used throughout many countries and there are many experts on this who would back me up on it.” 

Helen Long, CEO

Dying With Dignity Canada 

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the position of this publication. 



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