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Letter to the Editor: Response to Open letter to Moose Jaw Residents

A letter to the editor from George Steven
Letter to the Editor MJT1
Letter to the Editor

Response to Open letter to Moose Jaw Residents by Carolyn Ross Published Online on  April, 21

Everyone deserves basic respect and the chance to improve their circumstances if they can.

It should not matter where they are today or how they got there, the only things we should be discussing is how can we be of help.

Do we help the unfortunate unhoused person by targeting them with fines? How does that help the poor soul sleeping on a park's bench? Are we helping them by trying to place all of their supports on the edge of our city's limits? Accessibility is of the utmost importance if we are sincere because what good does it do to have supports in place if no one can get to them? Also, shelters should not be forced into providing "substance abuse and mental health treatments" because that's not their mandate. Putting that unwarranted burden on them almost guarantees failure. Shelters should provide a safe space and a bed, if a person requires additional help then the shelter can refer them to those who can assist them better with their needs.

Our people make the city and it's the PEOPLE who are critical to Moose Jaw's overall economy and growth. That unhoused person can become an entrepreneur, a scholar or tradesperson if presented an opportunity to do so.

If there are homeless people: house them.

If there are people with mental illnesses: treat them.

If they are hopeless: give them hope by not treating them like criminals, nuisances or lepers, these are our neighbours too even if they do not have a roof over their heads, so let's be good to them.
George Steven

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the position of this publication. 



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