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Letter to the Editor: Print media

A letter to the editor from Linda Gibson
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Dear Mayor Tolmie,

I was shocked and hugely disappointed to learn that you and city council are actually considering no longer using print media. Are you all really so out of touch with the citizens of Moose Jaw who regularly enjoy reading a newspaper and those many others who rely on The Moose Jaw Express as a significant source of information?

Although I personally use the Internet, I still enjoy reading a paper and know of many seniors who never have used or will use social media as a source of information; seniors who make up a large percentage of the population, pay taxes, contribute to the community and deserve more than to be treated with such disregard.

The Moose Jaw Express is such an asset to our town and copies are provided to everyone free of charge so no one is ignored. This has been a blessing, especially since closure of the Times Herald. While it’s been apparent for some time that you and certain council members have a grudge against the Express, isn’t it your elected responsibility to be open about everything you do and to consider all of Moose Jaw’s citizenry?

I appreciate that your job is often not easy but I’m at a loss to understand why some motions are even made or considered. (Example... on a different topic, I drive a car but can without a moment’s hesitation know that we need good bus service if we are to be a viable city for everyone.)

Hoping for better,

Linda Gibson

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