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Letter to the editor: Making Christmas Merry Through COVID-19

A letter to the editor from Tom Shelly Jr.
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Letter to the editor. (Shutterstock)

The happy part about this story is that I get into the Christmas Spirit on Monday, November 16. 

That’s when I wear my 2 ugly Christmas sweaters and red Christmas pants with green stripes with my elf holly toque and Santa Hat. 

The happiest time is when I help out with Salvation Army Kettle Campaign this year.  It brings me such joy and happiness due to COVID-19.  Speaking of Salvation Army Thrift Store in Moose Jaw, this is also the time of year Nicole at SallyAnn sets out the Christmas display for everyone to buy Christmas stuff.  

I, myself browse through Christmas cards, because I try to send Christmas cards and Christmas letters during COVID-19, to make everyone happy.  I also browse through small decorations to decorate my bedroom at the farmhouse in Mossbank/Courval.

I also take my time to look through Christmas music and Christmas movies. I like cartoon holiday specials or Country Christmas music. I don’t like Christmas movies or I don’t like Christmas music just from a guitar, or I don’t like choir or orchestra Christmas music.

When I’m at the farm, I watch AMC holiday specials, CHCH every December 24-25 is when they have Christmas comedy shows.  

Well, I guess I better get at it with Christmas Shopping.

My mom wants a pair of cutting scissors for Christmas.

I was going to get my dad a Warriors toque and a Warriors Christmas ornament ball.

For Pussycat George:  Happy Cat cat treats.

Momma Mia:  Kitty Toys.

Marmalade:  Flavoured yogurt, flavoured cream Shop cats (Frank, Tippy, Francine, Betty, Princess, Momma Cat): out of date milk, half n’ half cream, out of date plain yogurt.

Let’s make this a Merry Christmas in COVID-19 Pandemic 2021.

Tom Shelly Jr. 

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