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Letter to the editor: Liquor Stores and Proof of Vaccination

A letter to the editor from Eldo Schmidt
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I must question the logic our government has imposed, that proof of Covid-19 inoculations be required to shop in all liquor stores. I can understand this for establishments where people gather in groups in close proximity to others as in bars, restaurants, etc. A liquor store is really no different than a grocery or other store where only masking & "social distancing" are required, & we don't spend a lot of time there close to other people before leaving.

In the earlier waves of the pandemic, these stores were considered essential services and only masking and social distancing were required, which was reasonable.

Those of us who for whatever personal reasons may have hesitated to get the shots, now seem to be "spited" against.

As a senior person, I feel like I'm back to being an underage teen- ager who has to ask friends of legal age to pull my beer or other liquor, & I deeply resent this.     

Eldo Schmidt

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