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Letter to the Editor: Comments

A letter to the editor from Stewart Godfrey
Letter to the Editor MJT2

Dear Editor, 

What have you done with Marc Legare?  We truly miss his stimulating and thought provoking column. I’m sure others who are interested in truth and freedom of speech miss his column too!

I just finished reading the letter written to the Express by Leon Retief on page A15 in the Weds, April 27th issue. Near the bottom of the column, he writes, “One can also point to the situation in Mexico, which is home to the largest population of stray dogs in South America…”  

Last time I checked, Mexico was still part of North America. Did Mr. Retief have it moved? 

I hope Mr. Retief and Mr. R. Dowson don’t meet in a pub on a bad day. 

Live Long & Prosper

Stewart Godfrey 

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