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Letter to the Editor: City of Moose Jaw Saturday Bus Service Discontinued

A letter to the Editor from Simone Deyotte
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I find myself writing today to make comments regarding the letter to the editor submitted by Shirley Dally.

I 100% agree with her on the need to reinstate the Saturday bus service.  Note the word ‘service'.  It is indeed a service that is provided to the people of Moose Jaw – however many people use it.  The number is not important – the service is.

As citizens, we subsidize many services which do not pay for themselves or make a profit.  

Question…does Mosaic Place or the Yara Centre pay for themselves?  Do we subsidize them? 

What about the Police Service?  Or the Fire Service?

They are there when they are needed and we subsidize them so that they are there when we do need them;   none-the-less for the bus service.  It is there for the people who need it – when they need it.  To discontinue the service on Saturdays is irresponsible of City Council.  

Perhaps to save money, maybe we should close down Mosaic Place and the Yara Centre one day a week.  We could save on salaries, etc. and our subsidy would be that much less.  What do you think?  

Simone Deyotte 

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