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Letter to the editor: Cartoonists, keep up the good work

A letter to the editor from Maxine Avery
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I would like to say a public thank you to all the anti-vaxers out there from all us political cartoon aficionados.They have made a nice comedic bridge since Donald Trump's exit. 

Cartoonists have great noses for B.S. (not Bachelors of Science, but  farmyard poop),and their pens have swished across many a hilarious though grim poke at our anti-vaxing brethren. Yes, even the agricultural newspapers. The Ivermectin one in the Western Producer should receive a Nobel prize for humour.

Cartoonists, keep up the good work. You have a hallowed tradition of truth and common sense through art, dating back to one of the first political truth speakers, a little fellow who looked at the emperor in his new clothes and said, "your're naked"!!

Maxine Avery