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Letter to the Editor: Carbon Tax

A letter to the editor from Ronald J. Yaschuk

Forcing a confidence vote to increase a carbon tax April 1 will be the Liberals death knell and would certainly change Canada's political history.

Prime Minister Poilievre has a nice ring to it rather than the fatigued old Liberal retreads “we have more work to do”. Liberals had 9 years and failed miserably to carry out the required tasks, so it is beyond belief they now solicit an extension to accomplish the mandatory elements that should have already been accomplished. Not an exemplary track record by any standard to manage an election on.

On Wednesday evening March 20, 2024, the House of Commons voted on the Israel and Palestine conflict on a paper submitted by NDP MP Heather McPherson, but the vote was insignificant, and be mindful it is (non-binding). Debate on the motion took place Monday morning of which many MP’s were conspicuously absent. Three Liberal MP’s, Anthony Housefather, Marco Mendicino and Benn Carr all voted no against the motion as did the Conservatives.

Mr. Housefather was interviewed by Vassy Kapelos on CTV news PowerPlay and she queried him outright if he was contemplating crossing the floor to the Conservatives, but Mr. Housefather was elusive on the question. Will the LPC act to quell the 3 MP’s who have dared to rebel and vote in their own manner. No doubt the clandestine flunkies are scrambling to curb the flare-up.

Provincial premiers are in harmony so there is little doubt this is journeying to a “carbon tax election.” Even the PBO who is explicit on his exhaustive investigation which is crystal clear. Pierre Poilievre is exact in coercing a non-confidence vote but the PM and Liberals are not equal to the challenge because they dread defeat and being incarcerated.

Ronald J. Yaschuk 

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the position of this publication. 

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