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Letter to the Editor: Does disclosure violate human rights?

A letter to the editor from Linda Morgan
Letter to the Editor MJT2

A right that is believed to belong justifiably to every person regardless of Race, Sex, Nationality, Ethnicity or ANY OTHER STATUS. Let us take a look at any other status: how would I define this and how would I apply it to describe a situation that I had to disclose and in doing so it did definitely now labelled me as a Mental health patient. Did this disclosure violate my Human Rights?  Who has the right to ask me about my personal health record and do I have to disclose this fact? 

To apply for an ESA application to Moose Jaw Housing you must disclose.  

Does Moose Jaw have the right to ask these questions, who is on this board that is making the decision to allow an application to go forward.  

There are approximately 15 animals in Victoria Towers and I think this is wonderful for these patients but how do they feel that their personal information is exposed and do they feel violated? 

I do not know the answer to this question because I am not a Mental Health Patient and therefore even though I have been disabled with Cerebral Palsy from birth I can not qualify.   

Does my Human Right allow me to make an application under the heading ANY OTHER STATUS?

Linda Morgan  

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