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Letter to the Editor: Angle Parking on High Street

A letter to the editor from Richard Dowson.
Letter to the Editor MJT2

It is wonderful to hear the City of Moose Jaw is considering more angle parking on High Street East. It is time they did the same on High Street West from First Avenue going west.

Adding angle parking doubles the parking spaces for events at Mosaic Place.

My friend Don saw me measuring the width of High Street West some years ago when I was developing a proposal for the City.

Angle parking on High Street still allows for 4 lanes of traffic. 

I took the angle parking proposal to the then Mayor but he had aspirations beyond Moose Jaw.

On an historic note, Main Street once had angle parking – then the City built a boulevard, not realizing they cut downtown parking in half.

I hope the City can double the parking on High Street West.

I write this letter in memory of my old buddy Elizabeth DuSomme who left us on January 6, 2022. Just carrying on her tradition.

Richard Dowson

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