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Letter to the editor: What about the COVID vaccine?

A letter to the editor from Bob Jacobson
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The aggressive push to impose a VAXine on everyone is alarming! One year ago this summer, testing began on these VAXines. Within six months, they were being administered to the public. 

I believe normal scientific protocol is for a minimum of 3 years testing on new drugs. 

Since January, 2021, the push has gone from aggressive coercion to out and out bullying. 

There is much said, but very little information; just propaganda and censorship. We are told to trust the science, but the only science I am seeing, is the political science of systematic oppression the vaccine doesn’t protect you but you are told that. If it was a true vaccine, one would be protected and not in fear of the UN-Vaxxed. 

Variance can come from animals such as bats, birds, and pigs, maybe even from your pet. We are led to believe that masks protect us, but Saskatchewan health will tell you that accepted COVID masks are not suitable for any hazmat situation. They will tell you that our masks are only spit blockers. 

The masks are a ritual. The vaccine is the initiation. 

In reality, this VAX it’s not a vaccine, but a body modification, an experimental drug. Webster’s dictionary changed the definition of vaccine to accommodate these new drugs just this August! 

People dismiss the notion of a global government but the COVID vaccine protocols are almost identical around the world. Politicians seem to be controlled. How does a broke politician go from 00 to 5 million $ in three years? 

The duped Vaders are given a constant barrage of propaganda insinuating that anti-VAXers are the problem! 

Those of us who refused to violate our bodies are being shouted down. Is our night of broken glass coming? Is the final solution on your desk Comrade Moe? Agenda 21 must be accomplished in 2021!

Bob Jacobson

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