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Letter to the Editor: MLA Wilson must listen to all her constituents

A letter to the editor from Nancy Carswell
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As a high school teacher in a small town, I stayed out of the local bar. Teachers shape minds and, like members of the legislature (MLAs) who shape policy, we find it necessary to "adopt more stringent norms of conduct in order to protect the public interest and to enhance public confidence and trust" ( Teachers and MLAs must not only act with integrity, but we must be perceived as acting with integrity. 

My Saskatchewan Rivers MLA Nadine Wilson and other MLAs owe their constituents "honesty, accessibility, accountability, courtesy and understanding." Wilson, intentionally or unintentionally, misrepresented her vaccine status for months. Misrepresentation is a form of dishonesty which violates the MLAs Code of Ethical Conduct. When her misrepresentation was discovered, she acted with integrity and resigned from the Sask Party. 

In a media statement, Wilson said, "I have taken time to listen to people in my riding" and has decided to sit as an Independent. What proportion of people in her riding did she take the time to listen to? In 2021, I have emailed Wilson three times and not felt listened to. Anything less than listening to all voters violates her commitment to accountability. 

On the election ballot, Wilson represented the Sask Party. We do not know how many people would vote for her as an Independent. It is time for her to act again with integrity, resign her seat, and listen to all her voters by running in a by-election.

Nancy Carswell

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