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Learn how to run a meeting with Robert’s Rules of Order

South West District for Culture, Recreation and Sport holding primer on how to properly guide any official meeting
Robert's Rules
The Southwest District for Culture, Recreation and Sport will be holding a primer on how to run a meeting using Robert’s Rules of Order. Getty Images
If you’ve ever been to an official meeting of any kind, you’ll notice that almost all of them follow a specific format when it comes to how things are run.

Everything from the minutes, to who presides over the meeting, how motions are presented, voting is conducted, pretty much every aspect is largely the same regardless of what the meeting is about or where it’s taking place.

You have Robert’s Rules of Order to thank for all of that.

The brainchild of U.S. Army officer Henry Robert, the manual was first published in 1876 as a way of taking the meeting system used by the United States Congress and giving regular organizations an opportunity to use the streamlined system.

Now in its 12th revision as of 2020, the system has become the de facto template for running meetings all over the world.

The South West District for Culture, Recreation and Sport will be offering a chance to learn all you need to know about Robert’s Rules during an online webinar on Wednesday, Jan. 13. The event will take place online through the Zoom meeting app, and will run from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m. There is no cost.

Facilitated by Shari Hidred of Valmore Consulting, the event will offer “tips and tricks to successful meeting facilitation and engagement for small groups and boards”.

Some of the topics that will be covered include:

  • Parliamentary Procedure: a brief overview and important aspects of Robert's Rules of Order
  • Where do organizations struggle — misinformation, myths, failing to set basic meeting ground rules, meetings consistently running over allocated time, and what can we do to improve
  • What is a Consent Agenda and how can it improve meeting effectiveness and efficiency to stay on track and on time
  • Robert's Rules of Order — making the complex simplistic, easy to understand, and applicable to smaller organizations.
  • Role of the Chair (and role of Vice-Chair or First and Second Vice if applicable)
  • Voting process — review all steps from motion to vote including requirements for motion language, and quorum considerations and management.
  • Conflict of Interest — what is it and when does it trigger abstaining from voting.
  • Minutes of Meetings — best practices including documenting and approving corrections properly.
Pre-registration is required and participants have to register by Monday, Jan. 11 online

For more information, contact Joni Hagen, Executive Director, at, or by phone at (306) 842-2188.