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Kinsmen donate $5,000 to Moose Jaw Cobra Cheerleading Club

Service organization pledging $15,000 over three years and adding name to local organization
The amount of good news coming out of the Moose Jaw Kinsmen Cobra Cheerleading Club during their open house on Friday night was almost staggering.

First, there was the introduction of their new executive director, former University of Regina cheerleading coach Joshua Crerar Koshuba. Then the announcement that the club would be stepping up a level of competition with the formation of a new Level 3 team, the Lady Venom.

And finally, the big reveal – sharp-eyed readers will have caught the ‘Kinsmen’ in the first paragraph and for good reason. Cory Olafson and Dave Stevenson from the local service club were on hand for a cheque presentation of $5,000 and to announce that Cobra is the latest local sports club to fall under their banner.

“The last few years we’ve brought new clubs into the fold with the Kinsmen name and we’re super happy about it,” Olafson said. “That’s what we’re about, the kids and youth activities and helping kids stay involved in sports. So we’re super happy to be involved in the Kinsmen Cobra Cheerleading club.”

The sponsorship deal will see $15,000 donated by the Kinsmen over the next three years, with an option to extend the deal indefinitely in the future.

So to say the least, things are looking up for the local club.

“We’re not-for-profit, so every bit helps,” said Shay Schier, president of Cobra Cheerleading. “We’re super excited, it’s not just the numbers, it’s being paired with them as well. They’re such a big part of this community that we can’t wait to be affiliated with them. So it’s really awesome.”

While the funds haven’t been earmarked for any specific projects as of yet, there’s little question it’ll make a difference.
“We have lots of things planned, we’re still going to have to do fundraising and we’re still going to have to work our butts off, but it’s definitely looking really good,” Schier said.

For the Kinsmen, adding a cheerleaders to the mix made perfect sense given how the sport is taking off in amazing fashion, including the two rapidly growing clubs in Moose Jaw.

“It’s a big club and it’s a growing sport,” Olafson said. “You see the meets on TV and they’re big deals. It’s getting bigger and bigger every year and hopefully we can grow with them.”