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Iver Main Place in Central Butte offers level 1 & 2 care for independent seniors

For senior residents in the Central Butte area who require level 1 & 2 care, consider Iver Main Place, which is a non-profit care home featuring a positive and independent atmosphere.

Located in the heart of Central Butte, Iver Main Place Inc. is a non-profit level 1 & 2 care home for residents who remain independent but may require some degree of assistance.

Jeri Upton, manager at Iver Main Place explains:  “For example, I have residents who have been with us for seven or ten years, and they are still able to... feed themselves, dress themselves, but maybe have a little bit of mobility issues and cannot be alone completely, but they are still rather independent with their lives.

“One of the nice things about it is a lot of our residents are from the surrounding area, so it gives them the opportunity to stay living here and stay close to all of their friends and family.” 

In this independent setting, residents are not confined to the building. “We let our residents come and go as they please. They don't have to have permission to leave the building,” explains Upton. “If they want to go outside on their own for a walk, we let them have free range with their lives.”

Iver Main Place features rooms that are cozy, private, and have an en-suite bathroom. “Everybody gets their own private room, unless a couple wants to share their room, then we do have larger rooms available,” confirms Upton. 

Residents can have furniture provided, but also have the option of bringing their own furnishings to get the feeling of being at home. “We give them the opportunity to bring their own furniture, so that they can make it as homey and comfortable as they would like,” Upton says.  

“And of course, they get the meals, and the activities, so they’re really getting that good social aspect, and that’s all covered in their rent cost.” 

Residents are ensured peace of mind when it comes to their health, thanks to a medical clinic only a few blocks away, and a dental clinic that shares the building.

When it comes to meals, Upton reflects positively on her experience. “Oh, we provide all the good stuff. Every day that I walk in there, it smells like walking into grandma's house. It just smells so good.”

“There's always dessert. There's always cookies and treats. All the things you'd find at grandma's house. Our kitchen staff is very talented,” says Upton as she reflects on many delicious home-cooked meals.

Good eating and peace of mind are not the only amenities offered by Iver Main Place.

Activities are arranged by Lorine Benson, who is the activities coordinator. “She plans all the activities and events for the seniors, and… she bases it on the interests of the residents. So... it can change… depending on who is living with us at the time,” Upton explains, noting that residents can request activities that match their interests.  

Activities include student performances, a local group known as the Manor Singers who play oldies once a month, and a few locals who play guitar or piano.

“They will come in and ‘tickle the ivory’ for an hour or two, and visit with the residents,” says Upton.

Regarding the community, Upton only has good things to say. “Our community is wonderful, and we get tons of support from the town and all our board members. They are all very supportive in trying to give residents what they may need.”

For residents who want to get outside and visit the local community, there are destinations available. “There’s a senior center in the community and they have card games… so quite often some of our residents will go there after lunch and play cards with other members of the community,” explains Upton. 

That same sense of community exists among staff and residents. “We all get along and we are all very open and honest with each other. The staff, they just treat everybody as if they were family. It's wonderful."

“Plus, it was National Caesar Day [back on May 18th]… so we [had] a barbecue and Caesars and hung out on the patio… Our people really like to have fun,” says Upton, touching on the positive atmosphere of Iver Main Place.  “If I wasn’t young and with children, I would consider living in a place like this.”

If you or a loved one are looking for the ideal assisted living facility and are in the Central Butte area, consider reaching out to the supportive staff at Iver Main Place.

Currently there are four single and two double rooms available, and a limited time discount of $400 off the first two month’s rent is in effect.

Have you heard about the Personal Care Home Benefit plan offered by the provincial government? You can read about it here to see if you qualify.

For more information, Iver Main Place Inc. can be contacted at 1-306-796-2117 or through their website.

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