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Humane Society promoting cat adoptions with Empty Our Shelter event

The Humane Society is hoping to prompt some cat adoptions this week with its Empty the Shelter adoption event
The Humane Society has about 40 adoptable cats available right now for its adoption event this week. (file photo)

Now could be the perfect time to adopt a new feline friend from the Moose Jaw Humane Society, as the shelter is hosting the annual Empty the Shelter adoption event to prepare for cooler weather. 

Empty Our Shelter is usually a province-wide event organized in collaboration with all of the humane societies and SPCA locations in Saskatchewan. COVID-19 prevented the usual group meeting to organize the event together, but the Moose Humane Society decided to host the event anyways.

“As soon as the weather starts to dip, people begin noticing strays around their neighbourhoods and start to worry about them and want to bring them in to us, so we need to make sure we have space to help them out,” said director Dana Haukaas. “This is also the second or maybe third year that kitten season is lasting well into the fall [so the shelter will have kittens] almost until Christmas.”

The adoption event will run from Sept. 16-18 and is adding a little extra incentive to adopt an adult cat into a forever home by waiving or reducing adoption fees for those available at the shelter, said Haukaas.

Cat adoptions usually cost $50, which includes spaying and neutering for adult cats as well as a veterinarian’s check and up-to-date vaccinations for the animals.

During the Empty Our Shelter event, senior cats over the age of eight are free to adopt and adult cats have a reduced fee of $25 for adoption, while kitten adoptions remain the same.

But don’t let the name of the event fool you: the adoption process remains unchanged and the Humane Society is still focused on matching cats with suitable owners.

“It’s really important to us that they get to good homes, so our adoption process is going to be the same,” said Haukaas. 

The adoption event is focusing on adult cats, as kittens have a much easier time finding forever home, but Haukaas thinks it's a perfect opportunity for owners who are looking for a specific personality to add to their home.

“Kittens are adorable and i do think every family should experience the fun and adorable cuteness that come along with a kitten, but you don't really know what they’re going to be like as an adult,” said Haukaas. “The advantage of adopting an adult cat is you already know their personality, what you see is what they’ll be and they won't change on you.”

The shelter currently has around 60 cats and kittens in its care, with about 40 of those animals currently available for adoption. 

“Our staff are very well trained at what questions to ask [potential adopters], and as you answer, we will probably have a cat in mind that would be a good fit for your family,” said Haukaas. “You name a colour, sex, age, and we can probably find you one, for sure.”

Haukaas is hoping that the adoption event might prompt potential cat parents to take the plunge and welcome one of those cats into their homes.

“We don’t want people to feel pressured [into adopting] if they aren’t ready to make that commitment, but if you have considered adding a cat to your family, now would be a great time,” said Haukaas. “You’re not only helping a cat in the shelter right now, but you’re helping out a homeless cat in the community by creating space for us to take them later on.”

For more information about adoptions or to make an appointment to visit the shelter, contact the Humane Society at 1 (306) 692-1517.