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Horse whisperer

Wanda Smith's column from this week's issue of The Moose Jaw Express
On the Front Porch by Wanda Smith

I followed Lil Sweet Pea around while she did chores the other day. It was a beautiful calm morning. As Buddy, our dog, excitedly trotted along with us to the barnyard, the animals began to come alive. Out of nowhere our two Siamese barn cats, Monkey and Lavie, began making their way toward us.Tango, the project pony in the corral, came to attention as did his sorrel companion, Okey, on the opposite side of the fence. The other horses that were laid flat out on a side hill of the pasture, soaking up the sun, heard her and began to sit up and take note. They knew who was coming; Lil Sweet Pea was their friend. There was no doubt in their mind that she will chatter with them or give a gentle pat or a treat. Her presence commanded their attention. This was the result of daily attention given to them in which she has built love and trust. At the sound of her voice, they came alive.

It moved me to see Lil Sweet Pea’s way with the animals which was evidenced by how her presence affected everyone in the barnyard. No amount of brute force or manipulation would bring a response such as she received. I am reminded of Monty Roberts, a well-known horse whisperer, who trained many horses, including wild mustangs. He had been raised by a father who believed in the traditional breaking of the animal’s spirit. As he began to observe the nature of a horse, he came to understand that kindness and respect for the horse was far superior to the traditional ways of breaking an animal to ride, which usually involves inflicting pain and terror on the animal. Michael Schartz states in the foreword of “Horse Sense for People” by Monty Roberts, “...cooperation is better than domination.” Lil Sweet Pea has demonstrated that she is neither Tango’s enemy nor any other animal on the place. She has earned their respect and trust and that is worth more than anything.

When I think of our relationship with God, I see one of His character traits likened to being that of a horse whisperer; a horse trainer who is very good at communication with horses. He is a gentleman; not demanding or angry. We can trust Him to guide us in life. He comforts us. He fills us with joy and gives us power to accomplish what He calls us to do. Holy Spirit is not the “Big Meany” sitting on his throne with a big whip, demanding we come into line with his rules and regulations like the “old school” horse trainer does, using brute force and manipulation to get the results he wants.

In fact, he is just the opposite.He is a gentleman and will never push Himself on anyone.He has given all of us a free will to choose to listen and follow His leading or sadly, to walk away. There are many ways He speaks; through a nudge, a sense, the Word, a still small voice, a whisper and people (there are many more). He desires that we practice hearing His voice by tuning our spiritual eyes and ears to Him. Also, as we practice hearing Him and being in His presence, our spiritual acuity will sharpen and we will hear easier and more accurately. Holy Spirit is whispering. Are we listening?

John 14:26
“But the Helper, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you.”

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