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Guest Editorial with Joyce Walter

Summer events put joy in heart.

There was joy to behold on the faces of the folks who were out in force July 1 to support the many events that kicked off the months of the official summer season.

There was definite happiness as families, friends, couples and individuals decided enough was enough — lollygagging at home was no longer a suitable way to pass the time. Masks could be on or off but the eyes show it, the absolute delight in seeing people and doing things together. Hugs were held just a bit longer than perhaps necessary, and handshakes were firm and heartfelt. 

More than one person has been heard to bemoan the shortness of summer and his/her inability to cram in every activity that has been organized by groups who have had plans scuttled by a virus that continues to frighten some people. But there’s a bit of nose-thumbing going on as well.

Some people are still cautious and rightly so but with optimism they are supporting the organizations and volunteers who are determined to make summer 2022 one to remember.

There are still positive comments circulating about the overwhelming successful street dance/party that helped recognize the celebration of Canada Day there on High St. This time there was no complaint about the street being blocked as some enthusiastic supporters came early and stayed late. 

That followed the pancake breakfast and entertainment at the Cosmo Centre, similar breakfasts elsewhere, ParkArt and festivities, including cup cakes in another area of Crescent Park.

And so it began, and now every weekend is filled with enough choices to make one’s head spin. There’s enough local events planned that no one actually needs to leave the city to have a wonderful summer.

But of course we will, even if it is just for a long weekend. Family members and friends have extended invitations to weddings, birthdays, reunions and other types of gatherings. And also calling are all the attractions that have not been prominently recognized for two years. Most have regrouped and have hands extended in greeting to strangers who might not have turned their way before.

Whether you plan a staycation right here at home, or venture outside city limits, to see sites not yet seen, there is beauty in renewed friendships, beauty in our natural surroundings and beauty in the spirit of the men and women wishing to share their vision of what makes up a happy summer, whether in the city or country.

Let’s keep our eyes open, our hands outstretched and joy on our faces as summer 2022 notches up so many wonderful ways to celebrate.

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