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Guest Editorial with Joyce Walter

What will 2022 bring for city?

It will soon be time to burst into song with many muddled versions of Auld Lang Syne, a song that has become associated with New Year’s Eve, an ending and a beginning and celebrations with friends.

We all know what has happened in 2021 but what is in the cards for the new year?

Will citizens be able to pay their increased municipal taxes, higher water and sewer rates, an increased infrastructure levy, even a few more cents to have weekly garbage collection in October?

Will there be complaints about the elimination of Saturday bus service and will those complaints fall on five deaf ears? Have any members of council and the administration had to rely on public transportation to get around the city? Is privatization of the transit system being considered?

With an increased budget will the Moose Jaw Police Service be able to make inroads into solving/reducing the crimes of arsons, thefts and sexual assaults? It is not much comfort to know that other jurisdictions have similar problems.

Will elected mayor and councillors resolve not to have so many in-camera meetings in 2022, living up to election campaigns that promised more transparency in local government affairs?

Will the Saskatchewan Health Authority and provincial officials live up to the promise of handling the backlog of postponed elective surgeries, and how will those bodies ensure there is sufficient professional staffing on hand to provide patient care?

Will Moose Jaw be successful in attracting industries and businesses that will provide employment for many of the city’s residents? Will the population be boosted as a result?  

Is it possible for the municipal government to stop saying social services issues are the responsibility of the provincial and federal governments, an excuse for not becoming involved in matters that should concern all levels of governance?

What is for sure is that local businesses, organizations, churches, schools and charitable entities will continue to support the needs of the community, will continue to show resilience and perseverance in face of pandemics and rising costs of living. When there is a need, the community will respond.

With that knowledge, we can wish for a progressive, healthy and industrious 2022. Happy New Year.

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The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the position of this publication.