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Government recognizes emergency dispatchers

This week is National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week, to recognize the importance of emergency dispatchers
(Photo supplied by the Government of Saskatchewan)

The provincial government has declared Apr. 14-20 as National Public Safety Telecommunications Week, to honour the dedication of emergency dispatchers and their importance during some of the worst moments of people’s lives.

Sask911 call-takers and other emergency dispatchers are professional and calm, as the first point of contact during an emergency, whether medical, fire, or criminal. Last year, over 388,000 emergency calls to Sask911 took place, with more than half coming from a cell phone, and 16 per cent of calls were hung up after dialing. If you do accidentally call 911, it is recommended that you remain on the line so staff can verify that there isn’t a real emergency.

To prevent accidental 911 calls, you should:

  • Activate the lock screen on your smartphone after each use to prevent accidental dialing;
  • Manually dial 911 instead of pre-programming the number into your phone; and
  • Teach your children the importance of 911 and when it should, and should not be used.

As a part of the Saskatchewan Public Safety Agency, Sask911’s mandate includes managing emergency calls for police, fire, and medical services, which they then transfer to the appropriate emergency dispatcher. Over the next year, the agency will be expanding to include managing fire emergency and safety regulations, in regards to wildfires and flooding.

More infomation about Sask911, including when to call 911 and important safety tips, is available online.