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Good Morning Moose Jaw!

Wednesday will bring more extremely cold weather
stock image of thermometer
An image of a thermometer. (Shutterstock)

The cold snap will hang around for another day. The high today will be -20 C but with the wind chill it will feel like -42 this morning and -27 in the afternoon. There will be a mix of sun and cloud.

This evening will be cloudy with a low of -29. The wind chill will be -30 in the evening and -40 overnight. Due to the extreme cold, please note that you can get frostbite within minutes. In such cold temperatures, remember to keep your pets inside.

The average high for today is -6.4 C and the average low is -16.7. The all-time high is 11.1 C (1963) and the lowest temperature recorded on this date is -34.5 C (1994).