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Generous donation helps KidSport enrol up to 40 more youths in sports

The $8,500 donation was made by DW Anderson Consulting Group/IPC Investment Corp. on Aug. 17

KidSport Moose Jaw received $8,500 in support of local youths on Aug. 17, after a generous donation was made by DW Anderson Consulting Group/IPC Investment Corp.

This follows an earlier donation from the Kayak for KidSport event, where an additional $12,000 was raised.

“The Kayak for KidSport fundraiser raised about $12,500 on its own. Between the two, you’re looking at $20,000 plus. That allows us to work outside the boundaries of funding, to be able to have more kids in sport,” said KidSport Moose Jaw’s chairperson John Eberl.

The average cost per child is $250 - $265 according to Eberl, which means Don Anderson’s donation gives between 30 and 40 more kids the chance to play a sport. Don Anderson is a certified financial planner representing DW Anderson Consulting Group/IPC Investment Corp.

“It’s huge — that’s a lot of kids, and it impacts the City of Moose Jaw and all the sports organizations, families, and grandparents a lot,” Eberl said about the donation.

Eberl said the money will stay local and will be used to help children register for sports.

“It goes directly toward paying the fees to register for a sporting organization,” Eberl stated. This includes all sports from baseball to soccer to equestrian sports and helps when families are experiencing financial strain. “We feel that the registration fee is the biggest challenge,” he said.

The idea for the fundraiser came after Anderson approached KidSport Moose Jaw.

“Don approached us a couple years ago and vetted the idea with us. I think he’s been involved with golf tournament fundraisers, and he uses his contacts through the financial services industry to assist him,” Eberl said.

KidSport Moose Jaw receives funding through Sask. Sport, which is backed by Saskatchewan Lotteries. Funds are allocated across the 41 KidSport chapters in the province, and the amount is based on the local population and number of eligible children between 5 – 18 years of age.

“We get that, but it’s never enough. Last year in 2022, we had almost 270 kids funded… (which was) over $65,000 spent,” explained Eberl.

Anderson said he chose KidSport Moose Jaw because of his personal experience with sports.

“Growing up in Moose Jaw, it’s expensive to play sports and I learned about that firsthand at an early age. KidSport served a role back in the day that the Moose Jaw Police Service did for myself, by providing hockey equipment or registration for baseball or whatever,” he said.

Anderson said he played several sports in his youth, and baseball was his passion. “I went on to play college baseball and played locally,” he said. “That led to coaching positions with the Regina Red Socks and Saskatchewan Baseball Hall of Fame, and all that jazz.”

From his own firsthand experience as an athlete and coach, Anderson said sports help youth develop self-confidence, greater self-esteem, and the environment keeps them away from harmful distractions. “I think sports are a safe environment for kids,” he said.

His hope is to help guide youths along the right path, as he had been directed by his own coaches and mentors.

The golf tournament was held at Deer Ridge Par 3 on Aug. 17, and golfers were supported by others in the financial services industry.

“On the national level, their back offices contributed huge to the tournament through direct donations and things of that nature. They saw the benefit of KidSport and what they do for the community,” said Anderson.

“Those local and national businesses helped by donating directly to the charity. We had close to 60 golfers who also donated to KidSport and had a great day of golf, with a barbecue and prizes.” 

The fundraiser was capped off with a silent auction and Anderson said everyone walked away with a smile on their face.

DW Anderson Consulting Group/IPC Investment Corp. has been an active member of the community for over 30 years now, and the company isn’t new to charitable outreach. The company focuses on wealth management and assists individuals and business owners with financial and retirement planning.

“KidSport’s slogan is ‘All Kids Can Play,’ and it’s an important role they fill in the community. We were very happy to partner with them and raise funds though the tournament,” said Anderson.

He also wanted to make a special mention for Deb Davey and Sherri-Lynne Rosso from his team whose countless hours of work made the donation possible. “Organizing was no small chore, and takes a team effort,” he said in acknowledgement. Anderson also wanted to say thank you to all of the local businesses who offered their support during the tournament.  

“Super thanks,” Eberle said on behalf of KidSport Moose Jaw. Eberle reiterated that every dollar helps, and he’s excited about the opportunity to help even more local youths.

To support KidSport Moose Jaw, visit the organization’s website at and click on the Moose Jaw portal. From here, you’ll find the application form.

“We (Moose Jaw branch) get 100 per cent of every nickel that gets donated,” Eberle confirmed. “We think it’s a win-win and we welcome any donation.”

Everyone who makes a donation will receive a charitable receipt from the “Give Kids a Chance” charity.

For more information, contact John Eberl at 306-540-4153.

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