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Flyin’ Bob Palmer: Be the Circus! Coming to Moose Jaw Schools

Flyin' Bob will be at Ecole Palliser Heights and King George Elementary on June 9th.
flying bob
Flyin' Bob

The Organization of Saskatchewan Arts Council (OSAC) is presenting the variety performer Flyin’ Bob, who plans to bring two of his shows to some schools in Moose Jaw.

The first show mixes comedy, characters, uni cycling, acrobatics, audience participation, and general clowning around, to express the importance of physical activity, community, peer support, and the value of failures as well as success. This show is most suitable for an elementary school audience.

The second show takes the concepts from the first show and builds on them slightly. Showing a more in-depth look at the variations possible in each of the skills presented. The audience participation for the older students will increase in difficulty appropriately.

A lot of care is taken to make sure every student that participates always ends their participation with a success and will not be made fun of. This is to teach students the rewards and consequences of taking a risk and taking responsibility for their actions.

Bob Palmer, also known as his stage name Flyin’ Bob, lives in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. He was born in the great country of Canada, specifically in Nova Scotia and he grew up in Saskatoon. Bob Palmer has had several jobs in his past including, a guitar player for a rock band, an educator, a coach for springboard diving, and countless other jobs.

Though none of these jobs really stuck, until he decided to take a chance as a variety performer. Watch as Flyin’ Bob goes from balancing a stack of chairs on his chin to balancing himself high above the ground on a tight rope.

OSAC celebrated its 50-year anniversary as an organization in 2018.  They annually  present over 300 live and school performances for adults, children, and family audiences showcasing a broad range of different genres and disciplines.

This is possible because of the wonderful volunteers that are dedicated to making culture an essential part of Saskatchewan community life, as well as necessary funding from Saskatchewan Lotteries, Canadian Heritage, and Saskatchewan Lotteries, which benefits more than 12,000 sports, culture, and recreation organizations across the province.

Flying Bob will be performing at two Moose Jaw Schools on June 9th, Ecole Palliser Heights and King George Elementary School. 

Ecole Palliser Heights - June 9, 9:30 am. 1140 Simpson St, Moose Jaw, Phone: 306-693-4669,

King George Elementary - June 9, 2:00 pm. 1150 5th Avenue NW, Phone: 306-692-3908,