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Flu shots will be available soon, given by clinics and pharmacists

Flu shots will be available the week of Oct. 21, with the first public health clinics in Moose Jaw beginning on Nov. 1
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Saskatchewan residents will be able to get this year’s flu shot beginning Oct. 21 in some areas, despite delays in the vaccine’s delivery that pushed the release date back. 

Flu shots can be administered at public health clinics, as well as at some physician and nurse practitioner offices. The vaccination is free and available to all Saskatchewan residents over the age of six months.

Over 340 pharmacies in Saskatchewan will also offer free flu vaccinations again this year. Twelve pharmacies in Moose Jaw offered the flu shot last year, and residents are encouraged to ask their pharmacists about the availability of the vaccine this year. 

Pharmacists can administer the immunization to residents five years and older again this year, with those under the age of five required to attend a public health clinic for vaccination. 

The Saskatchewan Health Authority recommends that those with a higher risk of health problems get their flu shot, including seniors, people with chronic health conditions, small children, and pregnant women. 

Immunizing oneself protects not only personal health but the health of those with weaker immune systems, who are more susceptible to the complications of influenza. 

According to data, there were 2,170 confirmed cases of influenza in Saskatchewan last year, with the peak of activity occurring in December. 

Because the federal election requires public spaces for polling stations on Oct. 21, a number of public health clinics will be delayed to later that week.

In Moose Jaw, the first walk-in day clinics will take place at the Western Development Museum, beginning on Nov. 1 and running until Nov. 8. After this, appointments can be made at the Public Health office to receive a flu shot on any of the Fridays from Nov. 15 to Mar. 27.