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Feb. 22 is Canada's Agriculture Day this year

February 22nd is set aside to recognize and celebrate the people who make Canadian Food.
Eugenie Officer
Writer Eugenie Officer had the opportunity to co-MC the 2019 edition of Canada's Ag Day in Ottawa. She recalls the day as one of the most amazing confluences of Canadian agriculture.

A day set aside for Canadians to recognize and celebrate the people who make great Canadian foods, Canada's Agriculture Day is celebrated each year in February. This year, the day will be held on February 22nd.

Since Canada's Agriculture Day began in 2017, Agriculture More Than Ever has established a powerful social media presence on the day. #CdnAgDay has consistently been the top trending hashtag on Canada's Ag Day, across the country, and even worldwide. A number of awesome farm photos will be shared across social media on the 22nd. 

The celebration is organized and backed by the Canadian Center for Food Integrity (CCFI) for the first time. It is worth mentioning that Agriculture More Than Ever, Canada's Ag Day platform, was recently transferred from Farm Credit Canada to CCFI. 

This initiative has always focused on encouraging individuals to share their proudest moments relating to producing Canadian food on social media and hosting an event on Canada's Ag Day. Previously, the event was held in Ottawa and brought together all sectors of the food chain for fireside chats, keynote speeches, and networking opportunities, but it has since moved to a virtual format.

Farm Credit Canada will still hold its virtual event on the future of food this year. Alanna Koch, a well-known Saskatchewan producer and Board Chair of the Global Institute for Food Security at the University of Saskatchewan is among this year's outstanding speakers. Minister of Agriculture Marie-Claude Bibeau, and President of the Canadian Federation of Agriculture, Mary Robinson, are also expected to speak. There is still time to register for the February 22nd event on

"Canada's Agriculture Day is a great opportunity for all of us to show our appreciation for the individuals who are the backbone of the food system. I encourage all Canadians to join in this national celebration and find creative ways to show your support for Canadian agriculture," said John Jamieson, CCFI President, and CEO.

Everyone who loves Canadian food is encouraged to participate by sharing a photo or video celebrating the Canadian agricultural industry, whether it's a farm photo, a Canadian recipe, or even a "forks up" selfie, all accompanied by #CdnAgDay.  

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