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Family Services Inc. hosting six-week resource program for new parents

New parents and caregivers with children under the age of five are invited to a free parenting class -- Nobody's Perfect -- hosted by Moose Jaw Family Services Inc.

Parents and other caregivers of children under the age of five now have an opportunity to attend an ongoing six-week parenting skills program with Moose Jaw Family Services Inc. The program aims to bring new parents in contact with the community services, resources, and skills that they need to thrive.

The parenting program, titled ‘Nobody’s Perfect,’ is now open to applications.

Despite being scheduled to first commence on Feb. 8, a weather-related delay saw the first date of the program delayed. This postponement could be a benefit to anyone interested in the program who may not have heard about it.

“This program is just for every parent,” explained Tara Jones, executive director of Moose Jaw Family Services.

“This one is for anyone that is navigating (the challenge of) becoming a parent, struggling with behaviours with their kid, or just wanting to build some skills,” she said. “This one is just for the average parent who wants some extra support.”

The program offers the perfect venue to learn about your child’s feelings and about why they behave as they do. All lessons are based on shared experiences, and participants can learn about the concerns that matter most to them given their individual situations.

“Sessions are based on what you and other parents participating want to learn about, rather than step-by-step (lessons) from a book,” said Kayla, who runs the parenting program.

“Parents can come together as a group, with a facilitator, to talk about real-life parenting experiences and discover ways of positive parenting,” she added.

The program is also being offered free of cost, and all you have to do is show up.

The reason for this is because the Nobody’s Perfect training program was designed for the caregivers of young children who have little in the way of access to other parenting resources.

With this goal in mind, the program applies best to individuals who cannot afford to participate in other, similar programs.

The program is also structured for the benefit of those who are isolated from other support systems, and the facility provides a safe space that is free from judgment.

Courses offered at the program include details about childhood development, children’s safety issues, health, and child behaviour.

The program’s goal is to promote positive parenting. This is done by helping to increase parents’ understanding of their children’s health, safety, and behaviours, by having parents build on the skills they already have, and by learning new skills.

After the conclusion of the program, parents should see an improvement in their level of self-esteem as well as a noteworthy improvement in their toolkit of coping skills for their new role.

“Not only are you going to learn some great skills, but (it’s also about building) connections,” Jones explained.

“It’s an opportunity to meet other people who are going through some of the same challenges, the same stages of life, and (to) build relationships.”

Jones said one of the prevailing mental health concerns she and her staff have recently witnessed is a concern about loneliness and isolation. These concerns are also mirrored by a recent report from the World Health Organization (WHO), which lists mental health including depression as one of the largest health crises in the world right now.

“It’s one of the biggest things we’re noticing, the theme of dis-connection,” she said. “We’re all about trying to bring people together to build connections.”

Due to a delayed start to the program, the best way to confirm the next program date is to email Kayla at

For more information or to register for the Nobody’s Perfect parenting program, call 306-630-8349 or email Kayla at

Moose Jaw Family Services Inc. is located at 200 Main Street South and the Nobody’s Perfect parenting program takes place in the facility’s boardroom.

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