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Failing to complete community service leads to penalty for resident

Man failed to complete community service hours since he moved regularly, including to Vancouver
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A 21-year-old man who failed to complete his court-ordered community service and who did not pay a related small fine will now have to pay an even larger financial penalty.

The Moose Jaw man, who cannot be named since his offence occurred when he was a youth, appeared in Moose Jaw provincial court on Oct. 7. He pleaded guilty to breaching his youth sentence order by failing to complete 50 hours of community service and also pleaded guilty to failing to pay a $100 fine as part of that order.

As part of a joint submission, the man will have to pay $400 in fines — $200 for each charge — and will have four months to either pay or work off the fine.

As a teenager, the man was given community service on Sept. 23, 2016, where he was ordered to complete his hours by March 23, 2017, explained Crown prosecutor Stephen Yusuff. However, he managed to complete only 25 hours by that date, so he was placed on a youth sentence order and told to pay a fine of $100. In November 2017 probation services sent him a letter saying his fine was overdue.

When asked why he failed to complete his community service, the man told Judge Daryl Rayner he had moved frequently during that time, including to Vancouver, while he was also going to school.

“That’s not an excuse,” said Rayner.

Now that he was living in the community again, the Moose Javian noted he was okay with whatever fine Rayner gave him since he didn’t want to be in court anymore and was “sick of this place.”

Rayner accepted the joint submission of a fine of $400 and four months to pay.

Moose Jaw provincial court next sits on Oct. 10.