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Elks Lodge hopes weekly meat draws will help attract new members

The Moose Jaw Elks Lodge has meat draws every Friday at 5:30 p.m. at the Royal Canadian Legion Lounge on High St
elks lodge meat draw
The Elks Lodge hosts a meat draw every Friday at 5:30 at the Legion Lounge on High Street West

The Moose Jaw Elks Lodge has meat draws every Friday at 5:30 p.m. at the Royal Canadian Legion Lounge on High St.

Elks Lodge publicity director Harold Claffey told that the Elks are always on the lookout for new members. The requirements to join the Elks Lodge have changed in recent years. Elks of Canada is open to both men and women of at least age 16. There is no requirement for a belief in a supreme being, only that potential members have a good reputation and a respect for the law.

Claffey said that a few years ago, he realized that continuing to hold belief in a supreme being as a membership requirement could be discriminatory. He personally submitted a petition through the various levels of the Elks of Canada hierarchy to get that requirement changed. Now, all that is necessary is respect for religious beliefs and ordinances.

The Friday meat draws at the Legion Lounge are $1 apiece. A 50/50 draw is included. There are many different cuts, supplied by South Hill Fine Foods.

The Moose Jaw Elks Lodge has about 25 members who meet monthly. Provincially, there are 57 total lodges. The Elks’ mission statement is to be the best volunteer organization in Canada.

The Elks accomplish their mission through donations to the various community organizations in Moose Jaw, including the Food Bank. They also assist the Salvation Army with their Kettle Campaign through the holidays.

Claffey said that one of the main initiatives of the Elks in Saskatchewan is a network of affordable seniors’ apartments in the province. They operate 135 homes across eight communities, Moose Jaw included. Their goal is for seniors to be able to stay in their own communities instead of having to travel to homes in Saskatoon or Regina.

There is also a provincial foundation which focuses on supplying medical grants for adults. Another charitable cause for many years now has been their donations to assist children with obtaining hearing aids and cochlear implants. They accomplish this by donating to SPARC, the Saskatchewan Pediatric Auditory Rehab Centre, at the Royal University Hospital in Saskatoon.

Monthly meetings of the Moose Jaw Elks Lodge review activities of the lodge, receive reports from committees, and, of course, fellowship with each other. Although COVID has made it difficult, Claffey said the sick and visiting committee is one of their most active. The committee organizes visits for any member who finds themselves in the hospital.

If you’re looking for a volunteer organization in Moose Jaw that will empower you to contribute to your community, you can call the Elks at (306) 692-7474 for information, or join them at Legion at 268 High Street West on Fridays at 5:30.