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For those that have an interest in the aesthetics of both themselves and their residence, even the front door can express a certain sentiment or level of creativity

I find it interesting that home décor and fashion are synonymous, and a way of expressing oneself. For those that have an interest in the aesthetics of both themselves and their residence, even the front door can express a certain sentiment or level of creativity. 

Hubby and I were discussing the colour of our and many others front doors. I personally chose red quite a few years ago, but certainly a deeper red on the spectrum so as not to be too blaring. I actually don’t know how I decided on the colour but I guess it figured in well with the tan house colour and black trim. At least individuals coming down the walkway would certainly know where to be welcomed. 

After a brief perusal on the internet asking why people paint their front doors different colours, this is what I found. 

The short article (written of course to promote a paint store; who would have guessed) called Why is it so popular to paint your front door a bright colour? found here, says that it ‘expresses personal style’ and is a ‘big change with little commitment.’  “Unlike an extensive exterior update, painting your door is a relatively small project. Because of this, you can experiment with some bolder colors without the fear of making a major commitment.” 

As well, people paint their door for ‘historical significance’. The article says, “It used to be that door colours were a form of communication. In fact, in colonial times a red door was a symbol that travellers were welcome to stop by for the night. You likely won’t have people knocking on the door asking if they can sleep in your barn anymore, but it still carries a nice, welcoming connotation.” 

Last but certainly not least, it apparently increases ‘curb appeal.’  And who doesn’t want to increase interest in their home, especially those who have just put their home on the market.   

Another article on the same topic, ‘Shut the Front Door, Front Door Colours and Their Meanings’ found here says that choosing a certain colour tells a lot about the home dweller. 

The article states that blue is the most popular colour to paint the front door. ”Houses with blue front doors are thought to be relaxing and calm, giving all who enter a sense of safety, and security. Blue is also considered to be a colour reflecting strong imagination, dreams, and inspiration.” 

And what does the article say about yellow?  “An angry person can’t have a yellow front door. Actually, they can, and maybe they should. Yellow is a cheerful colour, after all, and it’s an instant mood lifter, making your guests feel downright gleeful. Yellow symbolizes wisdom, clarity, creativity, and offers the promise of a positive future.”

Green says “Money, money, money, money…monaaay! Green is definitely the colour of money, but it’s also the colour of nature, rebirth, success, abundance, vitality, growth, health, and inexperience. Green also symbolizes peace which is a fantastic reason to use it on your front door.”

You’re probably wondering about orange right about now. “Want to feel younger, less self-conscious, and more confident?...’Orange is the happiest colour’, is a popular Frank Sinatra quote, and I agree with ol’ Blue Eyes. Orange radiates warmth, it’s flamboyant, it’s uplifting, and always fun.”

All of these choices don’t override those that choose a neutral like black, brown, white or grey. “Black sets a modern tone. White can make a door look clean and crisp. Brown is warm and welcoming, and gray is a bit mysterious.”

Now the choice is up to you. 

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the position of this publication.



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