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Editor's Note

A note from Editor Joan Ritchie

Over the years, I wonder how many of you have always enjoyed buying Quality Street chocolates for the Christmas season. If you don’t know, they are only marketed during this time of the year but over the years the price has escalated exponentially to approximately $20 or more full-price retail to what was not so many years ago, regular price $13.99 and $10 per tin on sale. 

In October I bought two tins of Quality Street chocolates on sale at one of our fine grocery stories to get a jump on the good deal for Christmas. You won’t believe how disgusted I was when I opened the tin to find what was inside, something that was a complete disappointment; instead of the beautiful foiled candies that look like little wrapped presents in a candy dish, the candies were wrapped in dull looking paper with no Christmas pizazz at all. Who doesn’t like a little bit of bling at Christmas? 

I can’t tell you how disappointed I was as these are usually one of the very few chocolate treats I grace my candy dish with each Christmas season because they look so festive and pretty, not to mention they taste good.

To tell you the truth, I personally think the company has made a huge mistake in this seemingly cost saving endeavour, although I wanted to post a note on their website to tell them so but read they did it for environmental reasons but still…   

I certainly will not buy them again as I don’t think they are worth the money without some festive flavour. They were absolutely boring to look at and they didn’t even seem to taste as good as before. 

Too bad Quality Street, you lost another customer.  


The Christmas season is an absolutely wonderful time of year with events and activities, parties and more to attend. It’s also a personal endurance test to see who can keep up with the ‘Jones’ in their shopping and gift giving. I must say I’m not much for this type of Christmas focus on commercialism. I would rather spend time with those I love and appreciate rather than have my ‘u-haul’ loaded up with stuff after I am gone. It’s the memories of the season and years gone by that keep the heart focused on the real meaning of Christmas. You can establish good memories by attending a few events that focus on Christmas and tradition – music, lights and lots of love. 

There are a number of wonderful events taking place through the month that might spark some of that holiday magic like the Festival of Lights down in Wakamow Valley that will be ongoing until the end of the year. Take a drive-thru and ooh and aah! Load up the car with the whole gang!

Who doesn’t enjoy singing Christmas carols? A reminder the Rotary Carol Festival will be taking place again tonight (Tuesday) at Zion United Church. Sing your heart out with traditional favourites. 

The upcoming Nashville Christmas will be taking place at the Mae Wilson on December 8th and I am sure it will be a wonderful event to just sit and immerse oneself in Christmas magic. 

The MJMAG is holding a holiday gala with stylish hors d’oeuvres, art auction and tours. It’s a good time to buy a Christmas gift for yourself or someone else. 

The Holiday Train will be here on December 15th so plan to get a little fresh air, bring some hard good food items for the Food Bank and take a little time to mingle in the moonlight. 

Cornerstone Christian school will be holding ‘A Glorious Christmas Concert and dinner on December 15. You won’t have to cook at home that evening and that’s a seasonal bonus.   

That and so much more to read about inside this issue. 

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the position of this publication. 




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