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Decade in review: Tiger falls, Jets rise in Winnipeg

Columnist Bruce Penton looks back at the past decade
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The ‘10s’ decade is winding to a close, with less than a month to go until we hit the year of terrific vision — 2020. The good, bad and ugly in sports have happened in the past 10 years, and this column has been on top of things throughout.

For the next two weeks, we’ll take a look back at the decade that’s ending, with random selections of headlines from columns written through the years. 

This week, the first five years — 2010 through 2014.

Jan. 4/10 — Scandalized Tiger Woods the newsmaker of 2009 (Fire hydrants, bimbos and worldwide shame stopped the world’s best golfer in his tracks.)

July 5/10 — Bombers’ coaches have ‘green’ tint (Three former Saskatchewan Roughriders coaches signed with rival Winnipeg.)

Dec. 27/10 — No kidding! Sid the Kid is No. 1 (One man’s opinion: Sidney Crosby is the best player in the NHL.)

July 4/11 — McIlroy now ‘the man’ in pro golf (Tiger knocked from his pedestal by this Northern Irishman.)

May 30/11 — NHL dream coming true in Winnipeg (Hockey fans in Manitoba can’t believe their good fortune as the Atlanta Thrashers hightail it from Georgia and set up shop on Portage Avenue.)

March 12/12 — Mickelson’s career one of the best ever (Ranked No. 8 all-time in one man’s opinion.)

Oct. 8/12 — Don’t feel sorry for NHL players (A discussion about the contentious lockout.)

April 29/13 — Heat warming up for another title (With LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, how could they miss?)

Sept. 23/13 — Marlins’ rookie making a name for himself (Pitcher Jose Fernandez starting to dominate, later killed in a boat crash before potential achieved.)

Feb. 17/14 — DeLaet’s pro golf stock on the rise (The Weyburn, Sask., golfer moved into the top 20 in the world rankings, but back problems later curtailed his rise.)

Aug. 25/14 — Big three in tennis usually leave no doubt (It seems to be either Federer, Nadal or Djokovic on the trophy presentation stage. And that continues to this day.)

Next week: Some random headlines from columns written in the latter half of this decade.

  • Comedy writer Jim Barach: “Tom Brady’s trainer says the quarterback now says he wants to play to 46 or 47. But before making that call he should watch Adam Vinatieri kick like he’s playing pin the tail on the donkey.”
  • Dwight Perry of the Seattle Times: “In the latest MLB cheating update, now there’s reports that Houston players wore realistic-looking electronic bandages that buzzed in real time to relay signs stolen from the opposing catcher. Astros GM Maxwell Smart declined comment.”
  • Saskatchewan sports fan Emily Kroeker, on Twitter: “Time traveller goes back to June, in Regina: ‘Guys, I have good news and bad news. Zach Collaros is going to win the Grey Cup.’”
  • Vancouver’s Steve Burgess, on Twitter, following the Bombers’ Grey Cup win: “Crowds of fans are gathering at Portage and Main. But remember, if anybody sets any cars on fire it's not a riot — they’re just trying to stay warm.”
  • Patti Dawn Swansson, aka the River City Renegade, during the Grey Cup game when TV cameras showed Ti-Cats owner Bob Young, who prefers to be called the ‘caretaker,’ not ‘owner’: “In that case, he should grab a broom and sweep up the gawdawful mess his club is leaving on the McMahon Stadium carpet.”
  • David Larwood of Porcupine Plain, Sask., on his volunteer work at the Sentry Tournament of Champions at the Kapalua course in Maui: “Dustin Johnson couldn’t tee off on hole six until the guy from Saskatchewan who had never read a rule book or shot under 100 said he could.”
  • Ron Green, Sr., in the Charlotte Observer, among the dozens of things for which he’s thankful: “Punt returners. When their football days are over, maybe they could get safer work riding bulls.”
  • From Faux John Madden on Twitter, on the first televised Thanksgiving Day NFL game: “Bears-Lions is a wonderful way for football fans to give thanks that they’re not fans of either team.”
  • NOTSportsCentre, on Twitter, following the Cowboys’ Thanksgiving Day loss to Buffalo: “REPORT: Jason Garrett has been put up for sale for $5 as part of a Black Friday special at a Dallas WalMart. So far, no takers.”
  • Another one from Barach: “A Babe Ruth rookie card sold for $110,000. Although the buyer says the gum that came with it was really stale.”
  • Dwight Perry again: “Ole Miss receiver Elijah Moore drew a costly unsportsmanlike-conduct penalty after a TD catch in a one-point game when he celebrated   by getting down on all fours and lifting his leg like a dog at a hydrant. The official who threw the flag certainly puts a whole new spin on ‘Looking out for No. 1.’”

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