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Dance Images by BJ fundraiser 'Kids Helping Kids' now on

“We are looking forward to seeing all the seniors faces when they realize how much people in our community really care about them too”
Barb Jackman 30 season
Dance Images by BJ has been part of the Moose Jaw dance scene for 32 years now. Pictured is Barb Jackman, owner of the studio. (2019 photo) 2013, was the first year the “Kids Helping Kids” fundraiser was initiated.

With Christmas soon on the horizon, Dance Images by BJ is now hosting its annual program, “Kids Helping Kids” fundraiser from Nov. 24 to 27.  

The event is led by the senior dance class and will teach a dance class to other groups of dancers, along with games and treats. 

“Senior dancers will be coming into our other classes throughout the week to teach a class. There will be fun dance combinations to work on, games, special treat bags and activities in an effort to encourage our kids at the studio to collect donations and raise money to give back to three community organizations in our city,” explained Shauna Bzdel, assistant director at Dance Images by BJ. 

Pledge forms have been given to all the children to take home. Pledge totals will be posted daily on the studios’ Facebook page to keep everyone aware of donation amounts being raised. 

Once the donation total has been met, the studio will divide the amount between the “Salvation Army Adopt A Family,” “Moose Jaw Transition House,” and “Christmas Spirit For Seniors.”

“Our children are our future. Teaching our children that giving back and supporting the community in which we live is a really important foundation that all kids should end up developing at an early age.” Bzdel continued. 

Over the past seven years, the Studio has raised approximately $76,000 to give back to the community. 

“What makes this program special and significant is that it is our kids that are giving back. Our senior grads generally takes a leading role in doing a lot of the coordinating and planning. The senior class has a better understanding of the meaning behind giving back and why it is so important to give back. They diligently work to make sure what they are putting together is an amazing event that not only the kids will love but one that’s going to truly make a difference in a lot of people’s lives.” 

Christmas can pose a difficult time for members of our community and world due to different types of stressors.  

On Dec. 22, the studio will assist in helping the Christmas spirit for seniors deliver all the presents. 

“We are looking forward to seeing all the seniors faces when they realize how much people in our community really care about them too.”

The chosen organizations all make a significant difference in everyone’s lives, especially during the holiday season.

Our community is only as strong as the people that are in it. Every positive contribution or action counts when looking to make an impact in our community as Christmas approaches. 

“When we all can rally together and support everybody when they are in times of need that is a really important life skill and quality to instill in our kids as they grow up. Reach out and find ways of supporting our community and the organizations within. By everyone seeing what we are doing here at the studio and how easy it can be to make a difference we are hoping that other members catch on to spirit and do something that can help make a difference too,” Bzdel concluded.  

If you would like to donate or contribute to the program contact Dance Images by BJ at (306)-631-0584. 

Cheques can be made out to Kids Helping Kids; cash donations are also accepted. Receipts are available if required.