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CJay Trailers makes donation to Humane Society to ease storage burden

Co-owners Brad and Cheryl Harvey from CJay Trailers have offered some generosity to the Moose Jaw Humane Society
humane society trailer donation
CJay Trailers co-owners Brad Harvey (L) and Cheryl Harvey (R) with Humane Society program co-ordinator Donna Fritzke (centre) in front of the donated trailer unit.

After reaching out to inquire about the cost to purchase a trailer from CJay Trailers, the Moose Jaw Humane Society was surprised with a generous offer from the locally owned business that will help out volunteers.

CJay Trailers co-owners Brad and Cheryl Harvey have donated a covered trailer unit to the shelter, to help support what they feel is a very worthwhile organization.

“We found out they had a need for the trailer and we thought, ‘what a great opportunity to partner with a great organization,’” said Brad. “We just wanted to be part of what the Humane Society is doing because they do great work [and] we felt it was important to be able to assist when they have a particular need.”

“And we both have a soft spot for animals too, so it wasn’t a hard decision,” added Cheryl.

Donna Fritzke, program co-ordinator at the Humane Society, said the Harvey’s generosity is greatly appreciated.

“It’s amazing,” said Fritzke. “We’re always out in the community trying to raise money, so this is incredible.”

The Humane Society plans to use the trailer to sort and store donated recyclables. It will also be a more convenient mode of transport for volunteers to take those bottles and cans to SARCAN, as Fritzke said volunteers currently use their own vehicles to make those trips.

CJayTrailers said they were happy to offer support to the shelter, as they believe in giving back to the community where they can. This is the first trailer donation they have made to the Humane Society, but they have also donated a trailer unit to the Moose Jaw Search & Rescue team.

“We love being a part of the community [of Moose Jaw] and local businesses here often get together to help each other out, so this is just our part in that,” said Brad. “There’s a lot of people who volunteer countless hours and if we can help in some small way, we’re happy to do that.”