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City to use longer-lasting material during this year’s street line painting program

The public works department plans to start painting new lines on streets and roads starting on May 29.
First Ave street lines
Here is the sign that says which lane to use on First Avenue Northwest, but where are the painted lines to indicate where the lanes are? City hall plans to start its line-painting program soon to address this road and others. Photo by Jason G. Antonio

For motorists wondering in which lane they’re supposed to drive on main thoroughfares, city hall will soon be out painting lines to make navigating the streets easier and safer. 

City administration and senior leadership have been discussing this year’s line-painting program, which will see city crews apply a new type of solid-based paint material that lasts longer, explained Bevan Harlton, director of engineering, during the recent city council meeting.

The project tender has closed and the department has procured the paint, while staff have confirmed their machines can use liquid and have given the material safety data sheets to the safety officer, he continued. Meanwhile, the streets and roads supervisor was in Regina recently to review that city’s line painting program to see if there was anything Moose Jaw could copy. 

“Next week (starting May 29), after some commissioning, we’ll start with line painting,” Harlton added. “I would say its fair (that) there’s been a delay in change in material. (We) would normally be about three weeks ahead.”

Ticketing tourist vehicles

The mayor’s office has received many calls recently about bylaw officers ticketing out-of-province vehicles because those motorists thought they were exempt from having to fill the parking meters, Mayor Clive Tolley said. 

“Years ago — at least this is what people are telling me — tickets were not issued to vehicles with out-of-province licence plates as a courtesy to our visiting shoppers,” he stated.  

Tolley then submitted an inquiry to city administration asking it to review bylaw 5556 and provide a response about whether this policy exists and what it is about. 

The next regular council meeting is Monday, June 12. 

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