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City launches 'Get a Life' by moving to Moose Jaw campaign at Regina airport

The City of Moose Jaw unveiled a new marketing campaign in cooperation with the Regina International Airport on July 28. The campaign tagline is "Get a Life" and will focus on promoting the advantages of moving to Moose Jaw.

The City of Moose Jaw unveiled a new marketing campaign on July 28 in cooperation with the Regina International Airport. The campaign tagline is "Get a Life" and will focus on promoting the advantages of moving to Moose Jaw.

"I think it's time to promote our city as a place to move to, to get a job, raise a family, have a good quality of life," said Mayor Clive Tolley. "Moose Jaw has got an economic advantage over most other places in the world. Your dollar is going to go further, the housing is less expensive, cost of living generally is just less expensive."

Present in addition to Mayor Tolley were Moose Jaw MLAs Greg Lawrence and Tim McLeod, city councillor Doug Blanc, several members of Moose Jaw city administration, representatives of the Downtown Moose Jaw Association, Moose Jaw & District Chamber of Commerce board members, representatives from Moose Jaw's tourism industry, and the Moose Jaw Multicultural Council, which is responsible for integrating newcomers to the city.

James Bogusz, president and CEO of the Regina International Airport (YQR), greeted everyone present and explained why the event was held at YQR.

"The Regina airport is Moose Jaw's airport. In fact, we serve a catchment area of over 500,000 people here in the beautiful province of Saskatchewan," Bogusz said. "As one of the largest population centres outside of Regina, Moose Jaw is critical to the economy of this airport ... It's a symbiotic relationship and one that we're very proud of. And I want to thank our partners at Moose Jaw for considering hosting this awesome event here today."

Trish Martynook, the chair of the YQR Airport Authority Board, is the first person from Moose Jaw to hold that position. She spoke during the event about her life in Moose Jaw and the benefits it has had for her. She emphasized how moving from Toronto to Moose Jaw had given her much more time in her life thanks to the enormous difference in commuting times. Most things in Moose Jaw are only 5 to 10 minutes away - 15 minutes at the most.

"I moved here 40 years ago and I got a life, and a great one," Martynook said. "I think Moose Jaw is the best place I could imagine to raise a family, to work, live, get involved in politics. It has everything any big city has to offer, so I'm thrilled that they're doing this."

"We've been promoting Moose Jaw collectively as part of our job," McLeod said after the event concluded. "Everybody that lives in Moose Jaw knows how great it is. This is a great campaign to get the word out."

Lawrence said that many of the activities that have been important to him, including coaching baseball, teaching at the Y, being an officer with the Air Cadets, and volunteering with the Métis, were possible because of how much time living in Moose Jaw affords.

"Coming out of the pandemic, there has been an emphasis on people re-prioritizing their lives and figuring out what's important," explained city communications manager Craig Hemingway. "Moose Jaw offers a lot of what people are looking for ... With the cost of living in bigger centres going up, people are getting priced out of those markets, so we felt this is a great time to start this messaging."

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