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Canadian National Railway employees send letter opposing company’s vaccine policy

Cease-and-desist letter threatens legal action if Nov. 15 deadline for CN employees to be vaccinated holds
CN Rail engine
The recent decision by Canadian National Railway requiring all 25,000 employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19 has drawn the attention of the anti-vaccine movement.

In a story first reported by, a group of railway workers have retained Grey Wowk Spencer LLP and sent a cease-and-desist letter to the national rail carrier threatening a range of actions should CN proceed with its deadline of having all workers vaccinated by Nov. 15, 2001. The deadline was originally set for Nov. 1 but has since been moved up two weeks.

“We represent a class of employees whose employment is threatened by suspension without pay with the possibility of termination by CN’s announcement that it intends to make double COVID-19 vaccination a bona fide occupational requirement, effective 1 November 2021,” Leighton Grey of Grey Wowk Spencer said in the letter. “A list of the members of this class is attached. We are instructed to take the position that they all face wrongful dismissal.”

The central premise of the letter revolves around other options being available to stop the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace.

“There are many reasonable and practical alternatives to mandatory vaccination that would be more effective at controlling spread of the virus amongst CN employees, all of which are far less prejudicial than summary termination of loyal employees exercising their human right and civil liberty to refuse the vaccine; and mandating employees to take the COVID-19 vaccine violates the fundamental tenet of medicine known as informed consent, and the Hippocratic medical maxim — “do no harm”,” Grey said.

The letter states that if the mandate goes forward, a class action proceeding shall be commenced in the Federal Court of Canada; multiple human rights claims will be filed under Human Rights Codes and injunctive relief and punitive damages will be brought forth.

To read the whole story -- including the cease-and-desist letter -- be sure to click right here.

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