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Burn Out Recovery Workshop for Empathic Health Care Workers

The three-day program will help individuals figure out a plan that works best for them to nourish their body and soul to conserve their energy.
Kristen Braid

Burnout recovery workshops for empathic healthcare workers are organized for Moose Javians to address their mental healthcare. The first workshop took place on Dec. 28; but two more will be held on Jan. 4 & 11 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m.

“I have developed this workshop to really help people who are struggling with burnout or depletion, because I know, especially being empathic folks, they are sensitive and they take on a lot of energy from others,” Kristen Braid workshop coordinator said.  She is a health coach, myofascial release therapist, trauma-informed yoga and reiki, astrologer.  “Anybody can join the workshop.”

Braid has worked in healthcare for almost 15 years as a kinesiologist. She started in Winnipeg working in cardiac rehab, then moved to Alberta and got a master’s degree in Kinesiology and worked with Alberta Health Services and chronic disease management. She also worked for the Calgary rural primary care network doing physical activity programming for adults with chronic health conditions. 

“It’s been my career for some time working in Kinesiology,” she said. 

She went back to Manitoba again and left her healthcare job since she was in a state of depletion and needs some recovery and healing. “I took my own time off to kind of go through my own healing and get my energy back because I was just really depleted.”

During her recovery, she came up with an online workshop to help people overcome burnout or depletion specifically targeting healthcare workers. She says healthcare workers are empathic and sensitive and they also struggle and challenge themselves with mental health issues such as burnout. “I have been developing soul-inspired health and healing, which is my online platform right now to help people restore their health.”

Through her workshop, she wants to help people empower themselves to [look] within and see what’s draining their energy and how they can start to conserve their energy again and nourish themselves and find their way back to a state of good health.  Her workshop is offered online through Zoom with a one-hour session for three days. Part of her workshop is based on learning how to use that empathic gift to the best of their ability, but also creating a plan to help nourish themselves again so that they can build up their energy and restore their health. When they have been through a state of continued depletion or drained of energy, overworked and in a state of burnout, their nervous system requires a lot of nourishment for recovery.

Therefore, her three-day program will help individuals figure out a plan that works best for them to nourish their body and soul to conserve their energy. She also says her workshops benefit them by reaching out and being around other people who are also going through something similar. “They don’t have to feel alone in that healing process.” 

During the workshop, some people like to share and talk about their situations, some will have their video turned off while others just simply want to be present.

 “It’s just a safe place for people to show up for folks who are sensitive.”

The workshop is open to everyone, even those that aren’t healthcare professionals or caregivers. 

She also offers one-on-one private sessions if someone wants to work with her for improving their mental healthcare. Right now, she is working specifically with empathic healthcare workers.

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