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Arthritis Society looking for innovators and entrepreneurs

Looking for innovative, motivated and forward-thinking inventors

Have you ever had an idea you thought could help a loved one who suffers from arthritis? Life would be easier for them if they only had that one special tool. It could be an augmented grabber or a shoulder support brace but if it was so simple why isn’t it on the market? The Arthritis Society is looking for new and innovative ideas to be pitched to the Arthritis Ideator Program. This will open the door to share new and exciting innovative ideas with those who can benefit from the forward momentum of new technology.  

“The Arthritis Ideator Program will contribute to the growing innovation ecosystem in Canada and presents a real opportunity for innovators to access a large and growing market base.” says Lianna Genovese, founder and CEO of ImaginAble Solutions, who created an assistive device that enables anyone with limited fine motor skills to write, paint, draw and access technology.

Arthritis is the most common chronic condition in Canada and it’s a leading cause of disability. Most people, however, underestimate the seriousness of arthritis. It causes excruciating pain, restricts mobility and diminishes quality of life. As a collection of more than 100 different conditions affecting joints and other tissues, arthritis impacts people of all ages, including children. The majority of people with the disease are under 65.

“Arthritis is a huge challenge looking for solutions and we want to support bright minds as they create those solutions,” says Trish Barbato, President and CEO of the Arthritis Society. “We need bold ideas to help improve the lives of the six million Canadians living with arthritis.” 

Canadian innovators and entrepreneurs are invited to pitch their business ideas to the Arthritis Ideator Program. The eight finalists will be selected by a panel of Canadian experts. The presentations can be on anything from innovative ways to aid those who suffer with arthritis to help find a cure. The eight final candidates will be given the opportunity to pitch their idea in a “Dragon’s Den” styled event in April, 2022. Of the eight, four candidates will be awarded $50,000 toward their goal of helping alleviate arthritis.

The Arthritis Ideator Program is part of the Arthritis Society’s new Innovation Strategy, which also includes Ignite Research Grants for high-risk, high-reward research and Social Impact Projects for deploying innovative therapies, programs and interventions. This opportunity will give innovators and inventors access to expert advice from the Arthritis Society and the broader arthritis ecosystem, as well as to people living with arthritis who can support beta testing or provide feedback through focus groups or surveys.

Submissions for the Arthritis Ideator Program are being accepted until Tuesday, Dec. 21, 2021.  Learn more about the program and how to apply at: