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Duo attends No-Vaxx Pass tour rally in Moose Jaw

Special event organized part of No Vaxx Pass Tour events

Chris Sky and Pat King are extremely passionate about their views and made a stop in Moose Jaw in Crescent Park to a non-confrontational crowd, but those in support of their views.  

The mitigation duo have become internationally famous for their willingness to get their message across.

Both have been arrested many times for their dedication to their cause, and have been organizing large-scale events in major Canadian cities, hitting Moose Jaw on this stop.

So when they took part in the No Vaxx Pass Tour rally at the Crescent Park amphitheatre on Saturday afternoon, this was perhaps another sign why Moose Jaw is known as the Friendly City.

The duo both delivered their warning-filled speeches in front of 250 or so supporters, but tone was cool, calm, collected and even dare-we-even-say relaxed compared to showings Sky and King are well known for.

That was all according to plan for event organizer Sazacha Sk’tghaxeeahw -- who recently ran for mayor as Nancy Nash -- when it came to the gathering.

“Look at these souls; look at these beautiful people,” Sk’tghaxeeahw said before yelling to thank the gathering crowd. “They’re here for their children and their families and they know something is wrong. People died in the camps in the 40s and some of them turned their fellow people in to die in the camps, and this is the same narrative. We recognize the same old circular theme going on and it’s heating up, so we have to do something.”

‘Do something’ was the theme both King and Sky spoke to in their remarks to the crowd.

For King, it was largely a warning but his opinion: if action isn’t taken like that seen elsewhere, things will only get worse until tyranny is the order of the day. He added that things are going to get scary before they get better, and pushing back is the only way to stop the worst from happening.

Sky’s charisma shone through his remarks, as he laid out the tenets of his united non-compliance plan. He lauded the bravery of [people] in other parts of the world who have taken anti-vaxx stances, and suggested that his ideas -- holding the line and losing your job if need be, using universal non-compliance as a weapon and holding those accountable when all is said and done -- will lead to the anti-coronavirus-measures movement winning out in the end.

The crowd was universally supportive of both speakers.  There were no visible protests on the day, although a police presence was seen in and around the park and was acknowledged in a positive way multiple times by speakers.

“Moose Jaw has never had a get-together like this, so we wanted to do something friendly, something that wasn’t a party, something that was open to many different religions and many different cultures,” Sk’tghaxeeahw said. “And I think the common goal is to spread information, become a little wiser and not go to sleep scared about all this.”

She added that even though there are a lot of doom and gloom predictions out there, she hoped they would never come to be.

“We’ll come together in a good way, walk the good road for freedom and justice. We don’t want to harbour any hate, we just want everyone to be okay. Otherwise it’ll be like the 40s and we don’t want that to happen again.”


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