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An apology

An apology regarding last week's editorial

It was not my intention to cause heartache or to offend anyone in my editorial (Questions with No Solid Answers), that was written on March 21, 2021 and was published in our publications. 

Although I did pose questions regarding the reasons for the level of  quarantines and lockdowns, I in no way was disregarding the pandemic or diminishing its seriousness, as my family has also been affected by COVID personally during this time. 

As citizens of this province and our country in which we live, we respect and follow all of the government rules and guidelines that have been outlined by the authorities, and understand the need to be aware of COVID transmission to stop its spread.

In regards to the mention of what Hitler did to the Jews, I greatly apologize for this analogy and do regret my choice of words in comparison, as what was done to the Jewish people was an atrocity.  As people of faith, we regard the Jewish people very highly.    

I am sincerely sorry for any offense I may have caused.  

Joan Ritchie