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Five for Friday: Tips to stay warm

Five handy tips to stay warm without breaking the bank
warm by the fire
Keeping warm by the fire. (Shutterstock)

With the extremely cold temperatures as of late, we are all looking for ways to stay warm. While it may be tempting to turn up the thermostat, doing this can really affect your power bill. While programmable thermostats or turning the heat down at night can save money, it is also a good idea to find other cheap (and potentially eco-friendly) ways to keep warm on cold winter days and nights.

This week, we are offering five tips to stay warm on a budget.

Get moving

Whenever someone complained to my grandmother that they were cold, her standard response was “Follow me around and you’ll soon warm up!” Of course, she was right. Staying active around the house is a great way to stay warm. Whether you are dusting off that old exercise equipment you totally forgot you even owned, or if you’re simply doing housework, you will find that your body will soon warm up. Grab the vacuum and get moving!

Get cookin’

If you need an excuse to bake, the cold weather is the perfect opportunity. Fresh-baked cookies or bread will warm the house nicely. Be sure to keep the oven door open once you have finished, to allow that hot air to warm up the kitchen. If baking isn’t your thing, try cooking something warm like soup.

Snuggle with your pet

Your furry friends are a great source of heat. Sharing body warmth is a great way to avoid the cold. Encourage your faithful friend to jump on your lap and you will both be happier. Don’t have a pet? This might be the perfect time to visit the Humane Society and help one of their cuddly critters find their forever home. Of course, once you have a pet to look after, be sure to keep them indoors or provide adequate shelter during such frigid temperatures.

Wear layers

This one seems obvious, but it’s worth mentioning. Did you ever complain to your mom that you were cold, only to have her tell you to put on a sweater? As was often the case, mom was right. Dressing in layers is a great cost-effective way to stay warm. One thing mom might have gone wrong though is the amount of heat you lose through head — it is not nearly as bad as you might think. Still, it is never a bad idea to put on a hat.

Rearrange your furniture

We often place our furniture up against walls or near the window. These can be cold spots and, as a result, we will feel colder and turn up the thermostat. Another mistake we tend to make is that our furniture may be pushed up against a heating vent. All this does is trap the warm air and prevent it from circulating properly. This can make the vents work overtime to keep the room suitably warm. Try pushing your furniture a bit away from the wall, if possible.