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15 Wing pilots patchwork for charity

Student pilots at 15 Wing made two quilts for charitable organization

Student pilots from the 2 Canadian Forces Flying Training School (CFFTS) at 15 Wing Moose Jaw have expanded their skills to help Quilts of Valour produce two quilts for Canadian ill and injured soldiers.

Phase II course 1804 and 1808 found time during their busy schedules to make quilts at the base chapel. Although quilting can be labourious and time consuming, both courses managed to finish their quilts in only a few hours.

Wing Chaplain Capt Eric Davis noted that many of the students were initially nervous, but in the end they surprised themselves by how much they enjoyed the day’s activity.  

Cheryl Dvernichuk from Quilts of Valour was impressed with how quickly the pilots took to sewing and how well they performed, especially since this was the first time some of them have ever sewn.    

The idea to support Quilts of Valour by making quilts was proposed by the Wing Chaplain after participating in a presentation to a member located at 15 Wing in 2016.  In total, seven quilts have been made at 15 Wing for Quilts of Valour in the last two years, which includes the volunteer help of the Military Family Resource Centre, the Protestant Church group Thimble Thursday, spouses, pilots courses, and others on the wing who have volunteered their time to help make squares in order to assemble them into a larger quilt.  

15 Wing is committed to continue contributing quilts to Quilts of Valour, which supports our ill/injured members or veterans through their generous gifts of handmade love. As of 2018, over 12,000 quilts have been presented with a goal of presenting 20,000 by 2020.  

To learn more about Quilts of Valour, who qualifies for a quilt, and how to apply, please visit