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Grandeur Homes

When you hear the term “modular home”, what do you think of?  Often people have misconceptions, confusing “modular home” with “mobile home” or “manufactured home”.  These are very different things!

Put simply, a modular home is one that has been built indoors.  Once complete, the modules are transported to their new location via truck and installed by highly qualified tradespeople onto the foundation.

Grandeur homes are built in a controlled factory setting.  All the materials and labour are indoors and the building process doesn’t experience weather delays.  Modular homes are also more environmentally friendly because there is less waste of materials as exact amounts can be ordered.  Modular homes are built precisely, with the highest quality of both materials and workmanship.


A big misconception surrounding modular homes is that you can’t get everything you want in a home if you go the modular route.  That couldn’t be further from the truth!  Grandeur-built homes can be customized, they can have a variety of features to make them more accessible or environmentally friendly; you can even have a basement!

Cabinet Choices

Advantages to making your next home a Grandeur-built home:

Homes, material and tradespeople are protected from the weather during construction

Materials are used efficiently in a secure environment

Grandeur’s production team is stable, skilled, well supervised and efficient

The indoor building process allows for special construction techniques


Grandeur can take care of your home through design, supplies, build, foundation, installation, and finishing so that all you have to do is turn the key and move in

You can incorporate additional structures in the design of your home including a garage, deck, steps, porch, sunroom, or carport. These options can be built on site once the home is set on its foundation by Grandeur’s set up crew

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