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Sunset Cemetery Plots For Sale

For Sale, 2 cemetery plots located at the Moose Jaw Sunset Cemetery. The plots are located in the older and more desirable area of the cemetery. Plot numbers 190-D-3 and 190-D-4. Asking price is
Cozy Wraps $25

Cozy Crocheted Wraps

These crocheted wraps are in many different colors and various sizes. Snuggle up this winter while watching a movie. These would make a great Christmas Gift. They look good on the bed as an accent.
6 pc Puzzle1

Wooden Puzzles

Handmade wooden puzzles for ages 5 and up. Pentominoes are all the different shaped pieces that can be made from 5 cubes. There are many 1 and 3 dimension patterns to put together. Patterns and
Short Comb Out Capes

Short Comb Out Capes

Buy Static Free, Velcro or Snap Closure, Short Comb Out Capes!
Christmas Sale!

Chemical Cape

Buy Snap Closure, 100% nylon with PU coating protectant, Chemical Cape!
Salon Capes

Diane Salon Capes

Check out different variety of Diane Salon Capes from HY Supplies Inc. Buy Beauty Cape Wholesale for your Salon routine!
Barber Capes

Stripes Barber Capes

Buy a 50 x 50 - inch printed polyester with adjustable snap closure, Stripes Barber Capes wholesale!


Assorted movies, selling all together, cross advertised


Antique straw curling broom, cross advertised


Hollow interior door, 30”x80”, cross advertised