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Harvest operations at less than half the usual progress

Farmers are battling weather conditions as they continue harvest operations
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In most years Saskatchewan farmers would be cleaning up the last few fields in harvest.

Not this year.

As September ended with a general rain farmers had just under half the crop in the bin — 47 per cent — managing another eight per cent in that week of rain.

The five-year average has 75 per cent of the crop off by the end of September.

September ended with snow that delayed harvest another week or two and reduced grades and cost yields in some crops. A week or more for dry weather is needed to get on fields.

Harvest in the snow or spring seems assured for many farmers. Accessing crop insurance becomes difficult. The rules don't allow payout until the harvest is completed.

Harvest is most advanced in then southwest with 68 per cent off followed by the southeast and northeast with half in the bin.

Forty-six per cent is in the bin in the west central region with only 34 per cent and 33 per cent respectively in the northwest and east central regions.

Much of the harvest in the last week of September was put through grain dryers or into aerations bins for better seed storage.

Moisture on cropland is 31 per cent surplus, 65 per cent adequate and four per cent short.

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