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Grain commission to cover most Ilta Grain cash owed farmers

Farmers will be paid under a Canadian Grain Commission program to guard against dealer losses
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Most farmers still owed money by the bankrupt Ilta Grain will receive full payment for grain sold to the company before it went into receivership.

Ilta, which owned a Belle Plaine processing buying facility, went into receivership last July.

Farmers will be paid under a Canadian Grain Commission program to guard against dealer losses.

A court document filed by PricewaterhouseCoopers, the monitor in this matter, showed farmers are owed $13.75 million, but not all farmers are eligible for payments from the commission program.

About $2.1 million owed canary seeds farmers will not be paid as canary seed is not an eligible crop under the grain commission act.

Another $646,000 related to postdated cheques is also ineligible.

That leaves just over $11 million for the commission program to cover.

The Belle Plaine plant was acquired by Viterra during the process of selling Ilta assets to try and recover cash to offset $148 million debt.

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