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Farmers hope for sun to catch up on harvest

Farmers hope the wet weather won't stick around so harvest operations can continue
harvest 2019 photo by ron 2
(Photo by Ron Walter)

Farmers across Saskatchewan hope for sunny days and no rain as they try to catch up with harvest operations.

Although farmers almost doubled the acres harvested in one week by the end of the Labour Day weekend, the 11 per cent in the bin is only 40 per cent of the long-term average of 28 per cent.

Rain has delayed progress with up to an inch in the Big Beaver and Rockglen areas, and half an inch at Limerick south of Moose Jaw.

Eyebrow got one-third of an inch. Marquis had one-fifth of an inch.

Sixteen per cent of the crop is swathed or ready to straight cut. Swathed fields have seen bleaching and sprouting. Winds and hail have damaged some crops.

Harvest completion rates range from 64 per cent for winter wheat to 75 per cent for fall rye.

Lentils are 39 per cent done, peas, 47 per cent; barley, 12 per cent; canary seed, 14 per cent; spring wheat, four per cent, canola one per cent; oats eight per cent; and mustard, 14 per cent.

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