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Crop yields came in above last year's harvest

Information from the final crop report for the season
grain bins in field stock
Grain bins (Shutterstock)

Virtually all the 2020 crop is in the bin with farmers experiencing some of the best harvest weather in years.

Usually about 12 per cent of the crop is left to harvest at mid-October, according to the last weekly crop report of the season from the Saskatchewan Ministry of Agriculture.

Average yields across the province were a little higher than last year.                        

Higher yields were taken off in spring wheat, 46 bushels an acre compared with 43; durum wheat, 39 bushels compared with 36; oats, 86 compared with 81; peas, 39 compared with 35; and lentils, 1,475 pounds compared with 1,236 pounds.

Canola yields, averaging 35 bushels an acre, were three bushels less than last year.

The majority of grades were in the top two measurements.

Hay crops were more abundant with 1.2 tonnes an acre alfalfa versus one tonne last year; 1.1 tonnes alfalfa-brome versus one tonne, one tonne tame hay versus .9 tonnes, 1.1 tonnes wild hay versus, 9 tonnes, and 1.9 tonnes greenfeed versus 1.7 tonnes in 2019.

Moisture for next year's crop remain an issue with three-quarters of crop land rated short or very short of moisture.

Last year in November, only 31 per cent of crop land was rated low on  moisture.

Eighty-one per cent of hay and pasture land is rated short or very short. Forty-six per cent of hay and pasture land was low on moisture last year after harvest.

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