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Crop report: Rain has helped, but more needed

The latest information from the weekly crop report, for the period of June 4 to 10
Emerging wheat supplied
(Supplied by the Government of Saskatchewan)

Although there has been some rainfall in the last few days, much more is needed for crop growth.

According to the latest crop report, rainfall did improve dry topsoil moisture conditions in the northwest and southeast. This will aid in crop germination and growth, while encouraging hay land and pasture growth. 

The Weyburn area recorded up to 69 mm of rain this past week and the Broadview area received 25 mm. In the northwest, areas around Lloydminster received 40 mm.  

Unfortunately, many areas of the province in need of rain did not receive any this past week and remain very dry. This includes areas around Gravelbourg, Kyle, Leader, Bethune, Craik, Outlook, and Kindersley. These areas have received less than 25 mm of rain since April 1.

Seeding is mostly complete throughout the province, although there are a few fields being seeded for green feed and silage. 

Crop growth is delayed across Saskatchewan. The lack of moisture means most crops are behind their normal developmental stages for this time of year.  

Thirty-seven per cent of fall cereals are reported being in the shotblade stage and 28 per cent are heading, while 43 per cent of the spring cereals are tillering. Thirty per cent of canola is emerging and 37 per cent is in the seedling stage, along with 34 per cent of the flax. Ninety-five per cent of the pulse crops are emerging and in the vegetative growth stage.

A complete, printable version of the Crop Report is available online